2024 Popular Porch Trends

Looking to spice up your outdoor living space and create the perfect gathering spot for family and friends? You need a perfect-for-you porch! Whether you want a cozy screened-in porch or a modern, minimalist design, our team has you covered. Deckscapes of Virginia is here to explore the latest trends in porch design and provide expert tips and insights to help you create the porch of your dreams. Grab a cold drink and join us on this journey to porch perfection!

Large covered porch interior with stone fireplace

Finished Ceilings and Versatile Space Below

Building a porch with an under-deck drainage system is a trend that has gained popularity in recent years. This design involves creating a covered porch above with a waterproof space that isn’t influenced by the elements below the covered porch. It also offers a unique and inviting outdoor living area that can be used for relaxation, entertaining, and dining with upgraded options like television, custom lighting, and an outdoor kitchen with electric elements. If your yard allows for an under-deck drainage system, this option is a great way to double your functional entertaining space within the same footprint as the main covered porch.

Under deck drainage system with patio

Louvered Perfection

Though not considered a traditional porch, louvered pergolas are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces. These pergolas feature adjustable slats that can be opened or closed to provide shade and shelter from the elements and pesky insects. They also offer the flexibility to let in sunlight and fresh air at any angle desired. Louvered pergolas are especially well adapted to fit on homes where the location of windows and doors make a traditional porch roof extremely difficult. With a variety of design options, including integrated lighting and heating systems, louvered pergolas offer the perfect combination of style and functionality. Our partnership with StruXure allows us to offer our clients the highest quality louvered pergolas on the market, providing the perfect addition to any porch or outdoor living space.

Fireplace Focal Point

A fireplace, fire bowl, or other custom fire feature becomes both a source of warmth and a captivating focal point for your porch. Whether you prefer the convenience of a gas fireplace or the rustic charm of a wood-burning one, it adds a touch of elegance and creates a cozy ambiance. Gather around the fireplace with loved ones, enjoy the mesmerizing flames, and create lasting memories on cool evenings.

Stone fire place and mounted TV in covered porch with outdoor furniture

Porch Conversion Windows for Versatility

Deckscapes proudly installs porch conversion windows by LivingSpace Sunrooms® to offer a transformative solution to maximize your porch's usability. These custom windows allow you to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year, regardless of the weather. With their innovative design, they provide flexibility to switch between an open porch and a closed 3-season room, ensuring versatility, comfort, and extending your porch-sitting season.

Minimalist style porch exterior with black and white contrast

Electric Heaters

Extend the functionality of your porch into the colder seasons with electric heaters. We often recommend Bromic's Tungsten Smart Heat Electric units for their sleek design and reliable performance. These high-performance radiant heaters provide efficient and adjustable warmth, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your porch even when the temperatures drop. With their weather-resistant construction, they are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and offer you extended use throughout the year.

Curious about the cost of building a beautiful new porch in Northern Virginia? We break it down here.

Feature Walls for Fun and Function

A feature wall on your porch adds character and presents a perfect conversation starter. It's a fantastic spot to showcase artwork, mount a TV, or display decorative elements meant to draw the eye. Consider using materials like stone, brick, or decorative panels to create a unique and visually striking feature wall that complements your porch's overall design.

Roof Style

The roof style of your porch plays a crucial role in its aesthetics and functionality. Whether you opt for a traditional gable, a sleek hipped roof, or a modern flat roof, the choice should align with your home's architecture and your personal style. Some homeowners even prefer a combination of different roof styles to create a distinctive and eye-catching design.

Exterior of gable roof on screened-in porch

Ceiling Style

The ceiling of your porch adds an additional layer of charm and can be customized to reflect your desired atmosphere. Options include open rafters for a rustic look, cathedral ceilings for a spacious feel, or closed-in ceilings for a more polished appearance. You can also use natural wood materials like fir, pine, or cedar, which lend warmth and elegance, or PVC for a low-maintenance and durable alternative. Finishing your porch ceiling with an under deck drainage system introduces a world of opportunities for finishes and features like TVs, fans, and statement lighting.

Screened-in porch interior with furniture and recessed lighting

Skylights Let the Sun Shine in

Introducing skylights to your porch brings in an abundance of natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere for relaxation. These overhead windows allow sunlight to penetrate the space, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. Not only do skylights enhance the aesthetics of your covered porch, but they also strengthen a connection to the outdoors and offer a glimpse of the beautiful sky above.

Custom screened in porch with skylights in vaulted ceiling

Light Colors and Contrasting Accents

Light colors are currently trending in porch design, with homeowners opting for tans, grays, and neutrals over darker shades that were popular in the prior years. These lighter colors help create a brighter and more inviting porch and don’t get quite as hot on sunny days. Two-toned color schemes are also gaining popularity, with contrasting colors used to create a visually striking design. This can involve using a darker color for the porch flooring or a feature wall, while lighter colors are used for the ceiling or other elements. Many clients also opt to add pops of color and create a cohesive design with accent colors on the railing or columns. Black porch railings, for example, are particularly striking against a neutral white PVC post wraps/Columns.  

Two chairs in screened porch with vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows

Deckscapes Creates Your Trendy and Timeless Porch in Northern Virginia

Incorporating the latest trends in porch design can transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious and long-lasting oasis. At Deckscapes of Virginia, we specialize in building custom porches and outdoor living areas in Loudon, Fairfax, and Prince William County. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start designing your dream porch.


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