Custom Outdoor Fireplaces: Adding Warmth and Ambiance to Your Backyard

Let’s get cozy and stay that way! We’re here today to discuss one of our favorite features for outdoor living spaces. Transform your backyard into the ultimate cozy retreat with a custom outdoor fireplace. Ideal for extending the comfort of your home into the great outdoors, a beautifully designed fireplace adds warmth while lending an unmatchable ambiance for every outdoor occasion. Deckscapes is excited to show you how to enhance your backyard with the elegance and warmth of a custom fireplace.

Lit fireplace in screened-in porch by Deckscapes of Virginia

Choosing the Right Materials

When building a custom outdoor fireplace, the material you choose plays a significant role in your feature's aesthetics and durability. Here's a breakdown of popular materials to consider.

Natural Stone Veneer

Known for its durability and timeless appeal, natural stone veneer brings a touch of the outdoors into your design. Each piece of stone is unique, offering natural color variations that can complement any backyard style. Stone veneers are cost-effective and easily shaped and maintained, making them a top choice for outdoor fireplaces. For those considering stone veneer outdoor fireplaces, the versatility and beauty of natural stone are unmatched.

Stone fireplace built on patio with built in log storage


Brick's classic appeal makes it a versatile choice for outdoor fireplaces. Homeowners can choose elegant white brick or add a traditional touch to match an existing brick facade. The interior lining of wood-burning fireplaces, regardless of the facade material, often features fire brick for its heat-resistant properties. 

Synthetic Stone and Brick Veneers

For those looking for the appearance of natural materials without the associated weight and cost, synthetic options like Eldorado stone offer a practical solution. These veneers are cast from molds of real stone and brick, providing the look and feel of natural materials with added benefits in terms of installation and maintenance.

Two Adirondack chairs in front oof brick and stone fireplace on patio by Deckscapes of Virginia

Fireplace Types: Challenges and Considerations

Deciding between wood, gas, or electric outdoor fireplaces involves considering several factors, including installation requirements and desired ambiance.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Wood is the traditional choice for those who love the crackle and aroma of a real fire. These fireplaces require a chimney to vent smoke, making them more suited for ground-level installations with proper foundations. Outdoor fireplace design plans for wood-burning options often incorporate a substantial chimney structure, which adds design opportunities.

Gas Fireplaces

These units offer the convenience of instant warmth without the need for stocking wood. They are available in vented and vent-free models and provide flexibility in design and placement. However, they require access to a gas line, which may influence the location and installation complexity.

Fireplace on covered deck with two ceiling fans and heaters above by Deckscapes of Virginia

Electric Fireplaces

An increasingly popular option due to their versatility and lower installation costs. Electric fireplaces allow for the same level of masonry and carpentry work around the unit without requiring gas lines, chimneys, or extensive structural support. Ideal for those seeking a modern fireplace look with minimal hassle, outdoor electric fire pits and fireplaces are becoming a go-to for contemporary designs.

Design Aesthetics and Integration

Choosing the right design for your outdoor fireplace can dramatically enhance the beauty and harmony of your backyard sanctuary. The key is to decide whether you want your fireplace to stand out as a bold statement piece or to blend seamlessly with the existing aesthetics of your home and landscape. For those aiming to create a focal point, consider contrasting materials or colors that draw the eye and spark conversation. A modern, sleek fireplace with clean lines and unique materials can offer a striking contrast to a more traditionally styled home or garden, adding a touch of contemporary flair.

Conversely, to achieve a look that feels like an extension of your home, select materials and designs that echo the architectural elements and color palette of your house. This could mean incorporating the same brick or stone veneer found on your home's exterior or mimicking design motifs that resonate with your landscape's style. The goal is to create a cohesive outdoor living space where every element feels interconnected and purposeful.

Fireplace on porch with stone veneer surrounding by Deckscapes of Virginia

Our Team's Top Picks: Elevating Outdoor Fireplaces

Here are the top fireplace features according to the folks who consider these matters daily.


Veneer selection is pivotal in defining your fireplace's character. Natural stone brings a timeless, rugged beauty that varies with each unique piece, perfect for those who love the outdoors' raw allure. On the flip side, synthetic stone or brick veneers offer a controlled, consistent look while still providing the warmth and texture of natural materials. 


A well-chosen mantle is more than just a shelf above the fire; it's a statement piece that reflects your style. From the rustic charm of a weathered wooden beam to the sleek elegance of a polished stone ledge, the mantle can dramatically alter the fireplace's look and feel. It's a favorite spot to display seasonal decor or cherished family photos, adding a personal touch to the outdoor living area.

Large screened-in porch interior with vaulted ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows


The hearth stands at the heart of the fireplace design, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. It anchors the fireplace visually in the outdoor space and provides a warm ledge for cozy evenings outside. The hearth can be designed to complement or contrast the main veneer material, adding depth and interest to the fireplace's appearance.

Electric Service for TV Mount

Incorporating modern technology, electric service for a TV mount above the fireplace is a feature that brings together the best of both worlds—traditional warmth and contemporary entertainment. This setup is ideal for those who love to host game days or movie nights in their backyard, providing a unique outdoor viewing experience that's hard to beat.

Stone veneer fireplace with TV above mantle in pool pavilion by Deckscapes of VA

Deckscapes Illuminates Your Outdoor Living Dreams

Ready to ignite your backyard's potential? Let our team at Deckscapes of Virginia guide you through the journey of creating a custom outdoor fireplace that perfectly matches your vision and lifestyle. Contact us today to start crafting your ideal outdoor retreat in Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties. Together, we'll turn your backyard into a warm, welcoming oasis that you'll enjoy for years to come.


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