Ready for a truly breathtaking transformation – a testament to the artistry and expertise of Deckscapes of Virginia? Renowned for crafting high-end backyard designs that blend luxury with modern sensibilities, Deckscapes has outdone itself with its latest project: an elegant poolside oasis that stands as a pinnacle of outdoor living spaces in the region.

night time back yard with pool lights on and fire place surrounded by pool (1)

Client Background

This masterpiece began as a vision in the mind of a homeowner, a resident of a community graced by numerous Deckscapes creations. Inspired by the stunning work he witnessed in neighboring yards, he approached Deckscapes through a referral, seeking to infuse his backyard with a similar blend of elegance and awe-inspiring design. 

Birds eye view of luxury pool build with fireplace and built-in seatingRectangular gunite pool with stone waterfall feature by Deckscapes of Virginia

The client's brief was clear yet challenging: create a backyard that exudes modern elegance, emphasizing high-end design and materials. They envisioned a space where the lines between indoor comfort and outdoor splendor blur, where they could entertain, relax, and escape – all within the confines of their property.

Luxury gunite pool in Northern VA by Deckscapes with in-ground seating and fire feature

Project Overview

Embarking on this ambitious project, Deckscapes confronted one of the most challenging terrains they had ever encountered. The centerpiece of the client's vision was a luxurious pool surrounded by a patio that seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape. Extensive excavation was necessary to achieve this, reshaping the backyard to accommodate the sunken elements of the design, including a uniquely captivating recessed fire pit.

Rectangular fire pit in patio seating area next to gunite pool with sump system beneath in Northern Virginia

Adhering to a modern design style, the project features a custom-built pool, a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen, and an inviting fire pit. The team's expertise in handling high-end materials like marble pavers and Eldorado stone veneer was evident throughout the project. We carefully designed these elements and matched the materials to create a cohesive and luxurious outdoor living space, resulting in a backyard that impresses and relaxes in equal measure.

Northern VA backyard with stone and night pool with lights and waterfall by DeckscapesDrone view of Northern Virginia backyard at night with luxury gunite pool and porch by Deckscapes of VA

Elegant Poolside Area

At the heart of this oasis lies a stunning pool, its surface mirroring the clear blue skies of Northern Virginia. The gunite pool, framed by modern pool coping, becomes the nucleus of this backyard paradise. It's surrounded by marble pavers, meticulously laid to create a seamless transition from water to land. The marble pavers around the pool add a touch of sophistication and ensure durability and elegance, harmonizing with the pool's pristine water.Marble pavers surrounding modern gunite pool with stacked stone outdoor kitchen by Deckscapes of VA

The patio surrounding the pool is more than just an extension of space; it's an invitation to indulge in the luxury of outdoor living. Each area is thoughtfully designed, providing ample space for lounging under the sun or enjoying alfresco dining. We integrated a Blaze grill and outdoor kitchen area. This alfresco cooking space, carved into natural stone, offers functionality and not just functionality but also aesthetic appeal, turning every cooking experience into a luxurious event. Water features add a soothing soundtrack to the space; their gentle cascade is a symphony to the ears.Blaze grill in stacked stone outdoor kitchen on marble patio pavers with smoker by Deckscapes of VirginiaOutdoor kitchen on patio with built-in stainless steel appliances and storage

At night, the area transforms. Strategically placed colored and ambient lighting casts a serene glow over the water, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere. In the centerpiece of this luxurious backyard oasis, Deckscapes showcases a striking modern rectangular fire feature, ingeniously set below grade. This architectural marvel combines sleek, contemporary design with the warmth of a traditional gathering spot. Built-in seating flanks this narrow and mesmerizing line of fire, offering a cozy, intimate space for relaxation and conversation. Skillfully integrated into the landscape, this sunken area not only serves as a functional focal point but also adds a unique aesthetic dimension to the outdoor space.Drone view of Northern Virginia backyard at night with luxury gunite pool and porch by Deckscapes of VARectangular fire pit in stone seating area next to in-ground gunite pool at night by Deckscapes of VA

Cozy Fireside Ambiance

The screened-in porch with a fireplace becomes a haven for intimate gatherings or peaceful solitude, especially during Virginia's crisp evenings. Here, the heart of the space is a majestic fireplace, reaching skywards with its stacked stone facade. This fireplace, a cornerstone of the porch's design, radiates not just warmth but also a rustic charm, creating a cozy fireside ambiance. 

Custom porch interior in Northern Virginia with fireplace and bifold glass doors

The interior of the porch is a masterclass in blending function and style. Deckscapes has meticulously selected materials that echo the home's exterior, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout. We included porch conversion window units to add a layer of versatility to the space, allowing it to adapt to the changing seasons while maintaining its inviting aura. In this cozy corner, every element has been thoughtfully chosen to enhance the client's experience. From the comfortable seating that invites relaxation to the high-quality Bromic heaters that ensure the porch remains a year-round destination, no detail has been overlooked

Screened-in porch with floating tv and stone fireplace below ceiling fan and Bromic heaterElevated custom screened-in porch with under-deck space and steps to door in Northern VA

Challenges and Solutions

Embarking on this ambitious project was not without its challenges. The most significant hurdle was the client's request to recess the pool and patio into the backyard, a feat that required extensive excavation and careful planning. Deckscapes rose to the occasion, showcasing their unparalleled problem-solving skills and commitment to fulfilling even the most complex client desires. The excavation created a dramatic, sunken effect for the firepit, enhancing the overall modern aesthetic and providing a captivating focal point.

Custom high-end pool by Deckscapes of Virginia with built-in fireplace and seating

The challenge of water management, especially given the extensive grading required, was met with innovative solutions. We installed a custom-designed sump system beneath the fire pit, ingeniously engineered to collect and pump out excess water. 

Rectangular fire pit in patio seating area next to gunite pool with sump system beneath in Northern Virginia

Client's Experience

The space has become integral to this client’s lifestyle, hosting family events and offering a luxurious retreat for relaxation. A memorable testament to the project's success was its inaugural event – hosting a Thanksgiving celebration. Despite the chilly weather in Virginia, the heated pool provided a warm, inviting haven, allowing the client's family to enjoy an unforgettable swimming experience. This event showcased the space's functionality and cemented it as a cherished setting for family memories.In-ground gunite pool on sunny day with marble pavers by Deckscapes of Virginia

This project, now proudly counted among Deckscapes' top 10 installations, is more than a showcase of our expertise in high-end backyard designs. It is a monument to our commitment to turning challenging landscapes into breathtaking realities, with a focus on client experience and satisfaction.Northern VA backyard with gunite pool and fire pit at dusk with custom lighting installation by Deckscapes of VA

If this story inspires you and you envision a similar transformation for your backyard, we invite you to reach out to Deckscapes of Virginia. Whether it's a luxurious pool, a cozy porch with a fireplace, or an elegant patio, our team is ready to bring your dream outdoor living space to life. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and start your journey toward creating your own backyard oasis.

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