Project Spotlight: Loudoun County Pool, Pavilion, and Patio Getaway

Wander through the stunning landscape on our guided tour of one of our favorite outdoor living projects. Deckscapes’ passion is designing and building unique environments that enhance the way our clients live, entertain, and relax outdoors. In this feature, we spotlight a remarkable project in a prestigious neighborhood of Loudoun County. Our dedication and the trust placed in us by those we serve are evident in this recent triumph. Originating from a referral, this project showcases our ability to bring a client's vision to life, highlighting the intricate balance between nature and luxury recreation and the beauty of both.

Outdoor Living Space Remodel in Northern Virginia by Deckscapes of VA featuring a covered patio area

The Challenge: Natural Integration and Unexpected Obstacles

The inception of this extraordinary project in Loudoun County stemmed from a homeowner's ambitious vision: a sprawling, distinctive pool and spa area that would serve as a focal point for entertainment and harmonize with the lush, natural landscape surrounding their property. This included adding a water feature and crafting an outdoor living space that felt like a natural extension of the land, with a design that embraced irregular shapes and seamless integration of various elements such as a pavilion, fireplace, and kitchen into the existing topography.

Multi-level patio and pool with stone pool grotto by Deckscapes of Virginia

The project faced a semi-unexpected challenge: hitting a solid layer of rock during the excavation for the pool. This obstacle posed significant potential delays and complications, but it also presented an opportunity to showcase our problem-solving skills and innovative thinking. We had already discussed this possibility with the client during the planning stage, so it was not a complete shock to anyone. By deploying specialized machinery and adapting our construction methods, we overcame this hurdle and used it to enhance the project's natural aesthetic, incorporating the unearthed rock into the landscape design.

Landscape design in Northern Virginia backyard with boulder design by Deckscapes of VA

Design and Features

Pool and Spa

The centerpiece of this outdoor oasis is the large, uniquely shaped pool and spa, designed for a modern appeal that ties into the surrounding landscape. The elevated spa with built-in spillover adds a sense of tranquility and interest at different elevations.

Custom backyard pool on sunny day with hot tub by Deckscapes of VA

Gunite pool with patio and stone retaining wall in back by Deckscapes of Virginia

Custom Pavilion

Adjacent to the pool, this custom-built pavilion is equipped with a ceiling fan and plenty of style. This structure offers a versatile space that invites relaxation and social gatherings in equal measure.

Covered pavilion and landscaping by Deckscapes of VA

Custom pavilion with three-blade ceiling fan above table and chairs by Deckscapes of Virginia

Outdoor Kitchen and Patio

We used natural stone material for the multi-leveled patio for a durable, aesthetically pleasing foundation for the outdoor kitchen and dining areas. The outdoor kitchen offers all the conveniences of indoor cooking while blending seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. This space serves as a natural extension of the home's interior, allowing for effortless entertaining and dining in the beauty of the outdoors.

Multi-level patio design with Unilock pavers on sunny day by Deckscapes of Virginia

Landscaping and Lighting

The landscaping and lighting plan was integral to the project's success. By using meandering paver paths, strategically placed retaining walls, and carefully selected planting beds, the landscaping design created a cohesive, inviting environment that flowed naturally from one area to the next. Adding subtle yet effective lighting extended the usability of the space into the evening hours and highlighted the beauty of the landscape and architectural features.

Landscaping with stone pathway and steps with lighting by Deckscapes of Virginia

Stone pathway leading to steps of patio with view of retaining wall and landscaping by Deckscapes of Virginia

Bold, Modern Fire Feature

The statement bold, black, modern fire feature is a destination in itself. Crafted with sleek lines and a contemporary aesthetic, the fireplace becomes the heart of the outdoor space when the sun sets, offering warmth and a captivating visual focal point. Surrounding this modern marvel is ample seating, inviting guests and family members alike to gather, relax, and engage in conversation against the backdrop of flickering flames.

Fireplace with black modern surround on multi-level patio by Deckscapes of Virginia

Materials and Aesthetics

Natural Stone provided a versatile and sturdy foundation for the patio areas, Boulders and stone veneer were strategically placed to enhance the organic feel of the space, ensuring that each piece contributed to the overall narrative of natural integration. We used matching siding, shingles, and trim for the pavilion and other structures to ensure a cohesive look that ties the outdoor space back to the home.

Retaining wall and boulders in landscaping design next to multi-level patio by Deckscapes of Virginia

Landscaping design in Northern VA backyard with patio and pavilion by Deckscapes of Virginia

The outdoor kitchen serves as an architectural statement piece that echoes the modernity of the fire feature area. The landscaping around the pool, incorporating rocks and carefully chosen plantings, was designed to complement the landscape design around the pool, further embedding the entire project into its natural setting.Stone steps and landscaping next to pool on sunny day by Deckscapes of VirginiaPool and patio with landscaping design by Deckscapes of Virginia

Customer Satisfaction 

The homeowner's joyful reaction to the finished project brought us profound satisfaction. This project in Fairfax County represents more than just a successful outdoor living space transformation; it stands as a symbol of Deckscapes of Virginia's commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It showcases our ability to not only meet but exceed the unique needs and desires of our clients, creating spaces that enhance their quality of life and provides a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment of the natural environment.

Pool and multi-level patio with covered pavilion by Deckscapes of VA

Deckscapes Can Create Something Beautiful, Just for You

Are you inspired by the transformation of this Fairfax County outdoor space? Imagine what Deckscapes of Virginia could do for your home. Whether you're dreaming of a backyard pool oasis, a cozy outdoor kitchen, or a modern fire feature surrounded by natural beauty, we have the expertise and dedication to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to start the conversation and take the first step toward creating your own unique outdoor living space.

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